Premium Services

M.I.B premium weddings team is the leading live band and production/entertainment team in the industry .

We cover all Arabic/Lebanese modern dance tracks and all popular known songs that may be requested.

All singing is included in our MIB premium team but you may also choose to have guest singers to come in and sing a set as is the usual in these functions, but this is all optional and choice of singers can be recommended or chosen by you as we are not limited to any choice as we perform with ALL/any singers you may provide. We also book them in and include them in our packages upon your request if need be.

The Production

Our production is fully inclusive and we supply our full premium sound system for the whole function and all performances.

We also provide a variety of extra services such as MC (to conduct the formalities) , DJ (For all English music plus background music) live english bands also which adds a live touch to your bridal waltz and english sets (if you seek this impact) .



Performers & Suppliers

All our performers and suppliers are professionals and elites and our production is of the highest standard. We work on quality and attention to every detail of production is our guarantee.

We will co-ordinate and look after your entertainment from beginning to end and we ensure you that what you seek will be delivered perfectly – this is the MIB Premium weddings team 100% guarantee.

Further Information

For your drummers at the house and church and anywhere else you would require we provide the ultimate team to suit your exact requirements .

An estimate cost for a set up to cover your whole wedding is based on what you request so we will wait for your exact request on what you would like to have and we can then price it all accurately and package it all into one total packaged entertainment deal.

To give you an idea of standard packages , the following is an example of the highest booked package:

  • Premium Standard Package 1


    • MIB LIVE BAND (all arabic/lebanese popular tracks and all singing inc.)
    • MIB DJ (all english music)
    • MIB Mc (for all your formalities)
    • 2 SINGERS
    • BIG DRUMS all night

    This is the most sought after PREMIUM TEAM package with the full premium team line up incorporated into one ultimate complete wedding entertainment package.

    Enquire now and get your premium entertainment secured with this one complete package!


Additional supply which you may choose to endeavour to look into , which we have within our premium network are :

  • photography (full day and night) plus full premium package
  • stylist / flowers (all your flower designs and interior deco)
  • fireworks & dry ice (specifically for your bridal waltz special effects)